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8 team Keeper advice


Hola Clan dogs,
I’m in an 8 team, 3 keeper 1/2 point ppr league and need to nail it this year. We keep players for 2 seasons and this will be my 3rd year with with DJ, ninth round this year!!! I’m keeping Terrell Pryor in 13th and have a number of safe options in that part of the draft I could go with (Crabtree, The Freak, Garcon, or double dipping with Cousins, we do 6pt TD’s). I want to know if you would keep DeMarco in the 1st. If I get one of the first 2 picks I’m letting him go but struggling with keeping him or not after those picks. A couple of the first rounds studs are also keepers and I’ve had bad luck in the 1st the last 3 years, it was Gronk last year, ouch! Almost everyone last year ran out of backs but me and think I should stick with DeMarco and resist temptation, whatcha think? I love DeMarco but in our league he might not be there to snag again in round 2 based on other keepers


Hey David! Given your situation, I would probably keep Murray for the first. I know with my past experiences with keeper leagues, those top running backs are had a super premium and it’s often times easier just to keep them and lose the round, then to let them go and hope they fall to you in the draft. That being said if you can Mock and see what other running backs would be available when your pic comes in the first, you could always use that to as a reference. But either way I say keep Demarco and ride him and DJ to a Foot Clan title!


It’s tough without knowing who might be there. I like the combo of DJ and Murray to lead your team, but if you could pick up a stud WR in the 1st round it might be worth it. I don’t think you can go wrong with a strong RB combo like DJ/Murray but it’s hard to make a solid call without knowing more about the league/possible 1st round available players.

As it stands, Murray for giving up your 1st round pick sounds pretty fair to me.


Thanks, I’m still waiting to see who the other keepers are and likely won’t know until the end of Aug but I know Gordon and Howard are not gonna be available which will make RB’s go earlier than in other leagues, so DeMarco will go soon after Shady. We can’t keep the first three round guys, glad I got DeMarco with the first pick in the fourth. I’m hoping to get the 7th or 8th pick again and get Jordy, AJ or Evans in the second.


If you can end up with DJ, Murray and Jordy, I would definitely go that direction.


I ended up with the fourth pick, gonna let Murray go. I can absorb a Zeke suspension with DJ and hope to get him but the guy picking second is likely to take him, he won the league with him last year. RB’s not available are Freeman, Howard, Ajai and Gordon, so there will be a quick drop off in our league in RB talent. The worst I can do is get shady and I think he will be a better value at 4.