8 team league advice

My work is looking to start a office league this year. It looks like we are going to have enough people to do a 8 team league as we don’t want to let people into it from outside the office. I am generally not a fan of 8 team leagues just because teams are always loaded with great players from top to bottom pretty much, kind of takes away from the excitement of looking at matchups, finding a diamond in the ruff on the waiver wire, and so on. My idea is to make it a full ppr 2 qb, 2 rb, 2/3 wr, and 2 flex, no kicker or def league. I figure having a bigger starting lineup should increase the need for depth a little more, plus if it’s going to be a 8 team league then scoring is going to be higher naturally so lets make the scoring really big. Does anyone have some opinions on how to make a 8 team league better?

I’ve been in an 8-team league for 7 going on 8 years now. They’re a ton of fun just as long you have enough flex spots in the starting lineup. Don’t be afraid to have 3 (I’ve never done more than 3 but what the heck maybe even more than that). 2QB is a good idea, and one that I’ve suggested for my own league. Add a couple bench spots too to thin out waivers. Once the year gets going you’ll see waivers start to thin out a lot just as long as rosters are deep enough.

You could add a super flex spot as well. Start 2QB, 3 RBs, 3WRs, 1TE & FLEX/SFLEX. Maybe add a TE premium. You’ll have to cap how many QBs allowed on rosters, but this should make the weekly starting strategies different from team to team.

I would definitely have larger starting lineups, but I wouldn’t go so far as to have 2 qb and a superflex, as I feel like 3 qbs in the starting lineup is a little too much

YES. My league made that mistake year 1 where we did a similar thing and people were playing Sam Bradford and Raiders Carson Palmer instead of actual NFL stars and it seriously stunk. I’m not a fan of super flex at all.

I am a fan of superflex, but not with starting 2 qbs as well as having a superflex. superflex is great for dynasty and 1 qb slot

Yeah I’m not saying to do them all, I advise against that. Just spitballing ideas. If you do 2QB league, then don’t do superflex, but you could do 2QB league with a TE premium.

I’d recommend using the starting rosters and a very deep bench(10+)

1K(if you want)