8 Team league strategy?

Hi everyone, should my draft strategy change in an 8 team league vs my traditional 10 or 12?

I’d consider targeting the elite QBs and TEs earlier, since everyone will be stacked at RB and WR so you can set yourself apart with an elite QB/TE, just my two cents.

Thank you! Thats what i was thinking but i am so used to waiting on QB its hard to pull the trigger that early

You’ll definitely want to try and grab one of the top 4 TEs. If Kittle or Kelce fall to round 3, I’d grab one of them. If not, look for Ertz or Andrew in Round 4.

You don’t have to force the issue at QB, especially if you like your TE pick. I mean, if Lamar is there in the 4th round, sure, grab him, but he probably won’t be. If everyone else is grabbing QBs early, I’d wait for quite a while. QB-8 range is like Brees, Stafford, Matt Ryan, Josh Allen. Unless people are grabbing backup QBs early, you should be able to get one of those guys in the 10th round or so.

On the flip side to the top TE suggestion above. It will make streaming very easy, so if you dont get one of the top 2, I would just stream. No need to waste a valuable mid round pick on an OK starter