8 Team League w/special roster

Hey Footclan! Bonjour! I come to you with a special question. I’m currently in an 8 Team league, .5 PPR.

I want to know if it is advised to separate myself by drafting QB/TE early, as I’ve seen in some forums.

Our roster construction is: QB - 2 rbs - 3 wrs- TE - 2 Flex (rb/wr) - K - DEF (7 bench spots).

Normally, I would draft QB/TE early if the roster would be default. But with the extra WR and 2 flex of this league. I am not sure. What do you think?

Thanks, guys!

Personally I would drop qb for later. TE is tricky as we all know theres a huge drop off. I would fill my flex and wr positions and if a TE is sitting where you can’t not take him, Snag him.

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Sounds great, thanks for the advice!