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8 team PPR advice needed-


My team is Brady and Alex Smith-My WRs are Tyreke hill K Allen Eman Sanders-RBS Shady M Gordon Kamara Mccaffrey Mixon and D Martin-TEs J Graham and Reed-K M Bryant and Chiefs on defense-kind of BS nobody EVER wants to trade so I am stuck hunting for players on waivers Etc-I am thinking of dropping Sanders for Garçon cause He is gonna be out awhile and San Fran’s new QB may enhance his PPR value-Also may just drop Mixon for Seattles defense for my Chiefs on week 10 bye-your thoughts on this???


My record is 5 and 1


C’mon people help me out here-I take my time to read and reply-thanks


I would just drop Kansas City d for Seattle’s defense. I personally don’t like wasting my bench spots on defenses. You have so many talented running backs that you’d hate to lose but you are thin on receivers. I don’t know how effective garçon will be under the new qb I personally like sanders more than him but I don’t love the fact of the injury. He will probably be picked up off waivers if you drop him. I would almost suggest dropping reed for garçon and keeping all your runnying backs intact. Those are just my opinions. Hope all goes well for you :+1:t2:


Thanks for your input on this-I appreciate it-Ive had Mixon my bench the whole season and haven’t used him-I really need a healthy WR by week 9-Fuller is available but I don’t think he is very playable in PPR-also Reed is playing limited snaps and he’s nowhere near healthy in his opinion-decisions decisions-


Also if that ankle injury is a high ankle sprain that’s probably at least a month before he is even close to returning-


If people arent active I would stream defenses and definitely be willing to take risks on the waiver wire. I’d pick up Garcon in a heart beat man. And I’d start looking into a footclan league for next year! Always good to have a home league but I feel your pain with noone wanting to trade


So drop Seattle KC for Seattle and drop sanders for garçon? I’m loaded at RB-thanks


I like it man. But seriously though man start looking into a footclan league! Wish I did one this year. Always great to have people actively looking for trades. Makes it a whole new game


I am 5 and 1 in the league and haven’t played Mixon or sanders all year-


Ok thank you! Do I have to have Facebook to be foot clan as I don’t want or do Facebook?


Totally depends on the league man. Look around during the off season for a league that doesn’t use a facebook group as their method of communication. I personally think facebook is great for fantasy football (built in polls, collapsible conversation topics, even videos and livestreaming) but if you would rather something else I’m sure there’s leagues out there that are with you!


Ok thanks again!


You got it man! Hope best of luck