8 Team PPR Keeper Question

Alrighy, 8 Team, FULL PPR, 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex league. There are no penalty or cost for keepers. I also have an extra 2nd round pick.

I’m holding

Melvin Gordon
Dalvin Cook

Devonte Freeman or AJ Green.

If I go with 3 pass catching RB’s I can just grab 3 WR’s back to back (1 in the 1st and 2 in the 2nd).

My dilemma is that returning to the draft pool will be Kamara, McCaffery on top of Barkley. We have to lock keepers before we do the draft order.

I feel like its safer to keep the 3RB’s and if I get a top draft pick, take one of the top guys anyways and move one of them for a top tier WR. That, or try and move Freeman right away for a late first, early second.


I’d go with Freeman (to trade or keep after depending on what you are able to get in the draft) and target one of the other dominant RBs. Trading from a position of strength will give you a lot more favourable options - with the position scarcity of RBs it is a lot harder to obtain stud RBs versus stud WRs.

Do you know what WRs will be returning to the draft pool? The top three that will be there?

I don’t have everyone’s keepers in yet but I’m predicting (trying to figure out how others are keeping) and I’d say that the top WR’s going back in are:

Landry (PPR)

I’d go Green based off the WRs listed.

Well, clearly if he falls to me, but that wasn’t the question :slight_smile:

I would be ok with any of those as my #1 in a PPR so I would keep Freeman, and hope you don’t get 8/8.

Cook, Gordon and Freeman w/ any of those WR or those RB previously mentioned is solid.

Even if I go 8/8 I think I’d likely end up with 2 of those guys since Kamara, Maccaffery, and Barkley are gone for sure in the first, plus someone always takes a QB.

The ideal for me when mocking looks like Baldwin and Fitz, which in a PPR is totally fine by me.