8man-full ppr 8th pick in draft

8 man full ppr league. I got the the 8th pick in the draft. Do I go double RB? Or go receiver and RB? If there weren’t issues going on with gurley, I think it’s a no brainer. But with gurley having high risk, Connar sharing time with samules. Mixon is your next best back and at that point. Hard to pass on the value of a Hopkins. And just hope I hit on josh Jacobs/ Devonta freeman later? Thoughts?!

You leave the league and join a 12-team league. In 8-team leagues it doesn’t matter, everyone is going to have a good draft.


Very true! It’s a family league we’ve been doing for about 10 years. We’ve had 12-10- and now at 8. This is the 1st year it’s been 8.

I’d try to just get the best players available and not worry about which positions you draft unless your leagues’ rules are weird. Don’t draft Gurley or Bell and let another owner have the headaches. If Hopkins available definitely take him! Nothing wrong with having Josh Jacobs as your RB1 if you get stud WR’s early

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