8th pick advice

8th pick 12 team full ppr.

Do I take an elite WR (OBJ/Nuk/Julio) and pair with McCaffrey/ MAYBE Cook


Do I take RB (Saquon/Gordon) and pair with Adams/Allen/Green?

Also thinking about RB RB and taking Fitz/TY/Cooper/Tate/Jarvis/A-Rob with 4/5.

Let me know!!!

I like Gordon with this pick. You can always come back with a WR1 with your second pick. Looking ahead to your 3rd pick, guys like Fitzgerald, Cooper and Collins could be in play.

I find it pretty hard to pass up Gordon at that spot.

And you can get better WR value in the second than you can RB value. In other words, Keenan Allen is closer in quality, talent, and fantasy points to OBJ / Julio than Dalvin is to Melvin Gordon.

It’s just my opinion, but I think there’s a biiiiig dropoff after the Saquon / fournette / Kamara / gordon tier.

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If barkely/Gordon are there, take them. If not, OBJ, Hopkins, Julio are all the picks to have. The next tier of RBs are usually there by the turn. At worst usually Jordan Howard, at best hunt, fournette. And sometimes hopkins or Julio will fall to you and then I strongly consider them, but I dont love the way my RBs look when I do that half the time.