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8th round keeper in dynasty league


So i made a trade already in this offseason. I have first overall pick and in the deal i get Mike evans in the 2nd. (other’s keeper traded to me). So my question is, am i getting value for jameis winston in the 8th round for my keeper. Im in a 6- point per TD & 1-point every 10 yard Qb scoring league. (I drafted jameis in the 9th round last year I.E 8th round keeper). Interested in your input! thanks


I see Jamis going in the 9th for most drafts this year.


So… If I’m reading it right, your league is 1pt for every 10yds passing? If so, Jameis definitely gets bumped up a few spots in the QB ranks given he’s 2/2 on 4000+ yard passing seasons. Which hasn’t happened very often.

As for exact value… it really boils down to how many other top players have been kept in your league. And how much you like Jameis. I could see enough top talent being kept to push Winston’s value up a round from where he might normally be taken. (Current adp here has him at the 9.03 in a 12 team PPR). Regardless, it’s not bad value.


@Mr_ButterFace is right. It isn’t bad value, and I would definitely check on where his ADP is trending. Just weigh whether or not you think you can actually draft him this year. Besides, if you miss, there are other QBs.


I can definitely draft Jameis because i have the ability to keep him in the 8th round. Which ends up being the last pick in that round so only a few picks early than his ADP right now. just debating whether i wanna take a shot on a guy like stafford two rounds later.