9 keeper league .. who do I keep?!

10 team dynasty, keeper league. Can only keep 9 guys and only 4 at one position … here’s who I am down too:

QB Patrick Mahomes
RB Saquon Barkley
RB Ezekial Elliott
RB Dalvin Cook
RB Kerryon Johnson
WR Stefon Diggs
WR DJ Moore
WR Kenny Golloday
WR Dante Pettis
TE George Kittle

I REALLY like my young WRs … but I feel like I have to keep all 4 of my RBs, which means I’d have to dump one of my WRs… thoughts?

I’d drop one of Moore or Pettis.

Id drop Moore or Pettis, and then the Jax D.

I would drop Pettis. I think Cam being more healthy will produce a jump for DJ. Plus, how much do you really want to stockpile the San Fran offense?

Pettis or Moore

this is super easy. dont keep the defense, and dont keep moore. i like moore, i just like pettis better.

Answer pretty ez here.Drop the D. ANd drop one of Pettis or Golladay. Personally it’s Golladay for me.