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(9 more) Starting new dynasty league (experienced owners preferred). Interesting concept below

Alright so im in 3 dynasty leagues and they are all very similar to eachother. With that said im looking to start a new league with some new scoring/settings etc.

My thought is the starting point of the league will be my original leagues by-laws. (traditional 12 team 1 qb, 27 man rosters). Once we fill the league to 12, each owner will be able to nominate 1 league rule/settings to change. If that change gets a heavy majority (8 votes) that settings/rule will be used for our new league.

Ideas of rules/settings that could be put up to vote:

-tight end premium/2TE
-expanded rosters
-tiered ppr

among many others. Trying to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and try something new.

Looking to make this a paid league of around $25. If you are seriously interested and want to start putting this league together. DM or comment below with any questions

Looking for dedicated, active owners for this league. You must open to new rules/settings that get voted in.

Excited about this one, let me know footclan

I’m pretty much at my max for paid leagues but if it becomes free for some reason I am very interested!
Sleeper: coltonje44

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I’m interested. Send invite

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recruiting active, dedicated owners lets go!!

i dont think it will be free