9 spots available in two leagues (5 in one, 4 in the other)

Im commissioner in two Keeper leagues. One is with fellow Megalabowl league members (Fantasy Footballers Rejects), 3 keeper league. $20 buy in. If i get a big enough ask to join. Ill add a couple more slots to it. The Jonesin 4 FF Wins is a family/friends Keeper league, 3 keeper league. But i want to add 4 more to have an even amount in each of the 4 divisions, also a $20 buy-in.

The league with four openings will have a small draft for the new members to select your keepers for the season.

Jonesin’ 4 FF Wins

Fantasy footballers rejects: Sleeper

Is this filled? I have a few questions but am interested

I have two spots open in the Fantasy Footballers Rejects startup Keeper league

Shoot me your questions on Sleeper. @cwjones3 is username.