9 Team League Question

Hi Guys

I am currently running a 9 team league. The issue is that we have bye weeks and 4 teams have an extra bye which i don’t think will make it fair. I could shorten the season, but fantasy is short enough and if possible would like the regular season to run for the full 13 weeks.

Is there a way that I can make it that the team on the bye needs to beat the league average score for the week? If they do they get a win. If they don’t they record a loss.

I am on ESPN and can see where to adjust scoring but not where to adjust wins/losses which I assume I would need to do manually (if possible).

Is anyone aware of how I can do this, or have a better option for me??

Appreciate the help so much.


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Here’s what I would do

Make it a 10 team league, and Team 10 is the average points scored from all of the other teams. This eliminates bye weeks (which SUCK in fantasy) and is a pretty fair alternative. This is also a good solution when someone stops managing their roster.

Might be a bit of work on your end calculating and inputting their scores but totally worth it. Hope this helped!