A. Brown for Draft pick

A. Brown owner is currently 0-4 and is tilting. I’m 4-0 with Julio, Golladay, J. Brown and Cole. He’s willing to deal A. Brown for a 2019 Draft Pick. Is it worth giving up a 2nd round pick? What round pick would you make that deal for?

Honestly depends on the roster, but i’d spend a 1st round if I thought this would be the piece that for sure gets me a championship. Nothing wrong with going for broke this year and sucking next year.

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.5 ppr 12 team

RB: Gordon, Conner, Kerryon, Drake

I was thinking the same. 1st round is pretty steep but it’s also A. Brown and I know the Steelers will get it together soon. I have Gordon, Conner, Drake and Kerryon. QB: Stafford

Without knowing the full extent of how your picks go, if it’s keeper, etc, Brown goes in round 1 in re-draft every year, so from my perspective you’re basically getting brown this year and he can have him next year. Normally i don’t like setting myself up for failure the next year, but like i said if you can win it this year then who cares lol.

It’s AB. Never seen a more obvious buy low candidate in my life. You’re talking about the dude that has finished as a top 3 WR at his position for 5 years.

Are you talking about dynasty or redraft with keeper? I’m assuming redraft cause obv a 2nd round in dynasty is barely worth much.

Giving up a 2nd rounder for him is a no brainer. I’d do that in a heart beat. In terms of giving up a 1st, depends on how you determine draft order. But if you know you’re a later pick, than i’d give up a 1st, if you’re earlier, then that would be a harder decision. Depends on what other players are being kept. But if it’s multiple keepers and they can keep any round, then in my eyes, AB would probably still be a top 2-3 pick so I’d still do it.


12 team redraft - combine for draft order. snake draft

A. Brown takes me to the promise land? lol

how many keepers do people get every year? Or is everything released back into the pool?

non keeper

If it’s full re-draft then sell a 1st unless you know he’ll take a 2nd. It’s basically swapping a 1st round player this year for him getting the pick next year and when it comes to championship moves it’s always worth making that move.

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Owner wants 2nd for his 7th and either J. Brown or Golladay. He’s trying to get a solid pick and salvage his season in hopes of making some run. Pondering

So basically AB + 7th for J. Brown and a 2nd? I’d do it. You get AB.