A.Brown for Watson?

10 man ppr KEEPER league. I’m currently 6-0, owner of Aaron Rodgers is 3-3 and offering A.Brown for Watson. My roster is as follows:

QB: Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Deshawn Watson
WR: Julio, Amari, Garcon, Cobb, Agholor, Cupp
RB: Hunt, Gordon, CJ Anderson, Duke, Derrick Henry, Darkwa, Perine
TE: Jimmy Graham, Kittle

I wanna stay in the flames with Watson but my WRs to this point have been cooping the bed. He also offered A. Brown for Smith and Agholor which he is now walking back. He is now saying its Watson for Brown or he is going to trade Cohen for Rivers with another league mate. Thanks in advance for your time and advice.

While I believe your team would be just fine without him, I still would do that trade in a second.
Too hard too pass up Julio and Brown together with a RB crew of Hunt, Gordon, and Anderson. Alex Smith has been almost as good as Watson so you’re not losing a ton there.

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Seriously, that’s a no-brainer! Definitely pull the trigger before the owner comes to his senses :smile:

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Grab AB man. That’s an easy deal to stomach for sure.

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