A. Brown Trade offer already

14 Team League PPR (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE/RB, K, D)

one day after the draft

Here is the offer i got.
I Trade A. Brown and Chris Carson

I Get M. Thomas and M. Ingram (Iggy)

is it worth upgrading my RB once Iggy’s 4 game suspension is up and down grading AB to M. Thomas or are my RB’s good enough to Keep my strong WR core.

My Team


M. Ryan

B. Bortals


Melvin Gordon

Alex Collins

Chris Carson

Tarik Cohen

Austin Ekeler

Rod Smith


A. Brown

K. Allen

K. Benjamin

Cameron Meredith

Kenny Golladay

Keelen Cole

No way I would do that. You’ve got a workhorse back in Gordon, and both Carson and Collins will be starting for the foreseeable future. I say be patient and let AB, Allen, and Gordon rake in the points for you. Solid draft for a 14 team league.

This a redraft? Or dynasty? Or even a keeper? Changes my answer a bit. Chris Carson wont start for long, or maybe even at all. Penny is there and they spent big draft capital to get him. If he is healthy he will take over. And Ingram will get value after week 4 ish. So I really like the Thomas side for dynasty or maybe even keeper. Young stud WR, and a running back that has produced as an RB1 fairly consistently. If its redraft, it’s probably q no. Only because I would rather trade Carson and someone else for something else. Plus its AB, dudes a beast. Hard to let go of him.

It’s a keeper league. Can only keep 1 RB. But can keep a total of 2 players

What are the prices next to their names then? Or is it just keep forever no penalty?

Keeper and u lose the round they were drafted in.

AB =1
Chris Carson =6
Michale Thomas =10
Iggy =4

hell yeah im doing that then. crazy good value for a top end WR. ill take the hit on engram to get 9 rounds of value on a younger WR.