A. Brown traded for G.Tate, M. Goodwin, J. Edelman and my league exploded

An owner in a league I run, gave away his only value AB for G.Tate, M. Goodwin and J. Edelman.
Granted, his team is terrible, with maybe D. Thomas as his second highest value on the team (if you discount the QB position, J. Garoppolo at that).

And yeah, the rest of my league freaked.

Understandably so, considering the team receiving AB is a juggernaut this year. For example G. Tate was maybe 5th or 6th in line for value on his team.

Just throwing that out there. Yikes.

I say he should have shopped around. Thoughts? Anyone think I should have vetoed the trade?

If the guy legit needed depth then I cant say its not fair, though all those wr’s are wr2 and below.

i wouldve wanted more than an injured wr and a suspended wr, but i dont hate the return. definitely shouldn’t be vetoed unless it was obvious collusion.

No collusion for sure.
Thanks for the feedback.