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A. Collins/K. Coutee for T.Y. Hilton


I would be receiving T.Y. is this a fair trade?


This is better than your Lockett offer in the other post and given your RB depth i’d do it


I had to put kearse in instead of coutee. Still a fair trade?


Yes that seems fair enough, who are your other WRs out of interest?


if your rbs are ok an you wont miss collins, i’d def do it


D. Hopkins
A. Thielen
A. Jeffrey
K. Coutee
Q. Enunwa
J. Kearse


M. Gordon
K. Johnson
L. Fournette
L. Murray


Personally i know TY will give you a nice third option with Jeffery behind Thielen and Nuke but I’d hold Collins, here. Gordon is a stud RB but Johnson is a flex and stuck in the RBBC in Detroit, Fournette who knows when he’ll be back and Murray is only useful while Cook is out which could end this week. Collins is at least a starter and the goaline guy.

If you have a weakness at TE and can get a top guy for Collins I’d do that otherwise you don’t need to trade your current RB2 for a WR who will be a rotational flex with Jeffery or an RB in a good matchup each week.


man i dont like that rb core very much… i feel like you need to keep collins. You only have one every week starter(gordon). I would actually try to trade for a rb…


Yes or as @postgambino says take Jeffery and Collins and trade up for an upgrade at RB


I really like this trade a lot. TY can easily be a WR1 the rest of the way and it gives you another option. You have Fournette coming back as well. I’m sure there is someone going to be available on the waiver wire RB wise to pick up


I was thinking of trading Trey Burton and if needed adding Keke Coutee for Ito Smith to replace Collins
I have O.J Howard as my other TE. @James89 @postgambino @Fins777


I would offer Burt for Smith straight up first and see. OJ seems to be a very solid play right now and I never like having 2 TE


That’s not a bad idea from @Fins777 flip Burton and you don’t need 2 TEs especially as you have Howard who is a stud in the making and is also past his bye week so he’s a ‘set it and forget it’ unless he’s injured.


Both trades offered and accepted. Thank you @James89 @Fins777 and @postgambino. Much appreciated!


Nice work, you have a really solid team post these trades - good luck!