A. Cooper or D. Jackson?

12 team Full PPR. Should I continue to hold on to Amari Cooper or pickup D. Jackson long term? My other receivers are

J. Brown

I say yes to both right now.

I would at least wait on Jackson to see what happens after Winston’s suspension is up. There is no promise he goes back to starter. If Fitzpatrick continues to qb then he likes to go to the wide outs. Both are boom bust guys. You aren’t going to see a 10 catch day out of Jackson anymore imo, but you could with Cooper possibly on an extreme outlier like what happened when he blew up that one game last year.

You are looking for touchdowns with these guys and 40 yard catch bonuses and right now honestly I like Jackson better the next few weeks. Fitz is playing out of his mind right now (but that could change any second), but Carr doesn’t seem to be on the same page with Gruden after the game script ran out.

Are you crazy? DeSean Jackson is a boom or bust play and isn’t likely to even play this week. Unless you think Fitzpatrick is suddenly a HOFer, Jackson will see far more bust than boom. You don’t drop Cooper, who should be the centre piece of the Raiders offence, after one week. If you really want Jackson you’re dropping Garcon or Brown.

Jackson cleared protocol. Where you been?

I didn’t say drop either dude. He said do I continue to hold. I said yes to both. Not the same thing as drop. Fitz has had these periods where he is a good qb. I would ride it out a few games and see what happens. With no one having been listed as being on waivers from him I have nothing else to go on to see if there is a better option. As far as if I had to start someone between the two it would 100 percent be Jackson right now.

His question was OR. Hold onto Cooper OR pick up Jackson. He needs to drop someone to pick up Jackson. He was asking if he should drop Cooper to do so. The answer is no.

Btw the crazy comment was directed at the OP not you.

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I misread that. I thought he was saying continue to hold both. I wouldn’t drop Cooper to pick up Jackson right now. I ‘might’ drop Garcon for Jackson. Pierre was a little gimpy last week but with it being full PPR Garcon has a better floor. Tough matchup this week drawing Slay on coverage.