A. Cooper & R. Freeman for C. Thompson

0.5 ppr.
My other RBs right now are:
CMC, J. Allen, lynch, L. Murray

Trade Away:
A. Cooper
R. Freeman

C. Thompson

That’s a lot of capital in third down / satellite backs if you make the trade. Are you just disenfranchised with Freeman?

I may be wrong, but the love for Phillip Lindsay is going a BIT to far in terms of expected workload. He wasn’t drafted to be a workhorse for a reason… at 5’8" and GENEROUSLY listed at about 185lbs, he’s not a 3 down work horse kind of guy.

Freeman is the 1st and 2nd round guy in Denver, and despite facing stacked boxes (8 or more in the box) over 50% of the time (2nd only to Alex Collins!!!) he’s managing 4 yards per carry and most of the red zone touches. Denver has been playing catch up a lot in the early going, and it won’t take much for Freeman to see his workload increase slightly. He’s outsnapped even Lindsay through three games (yes, the suspension made a difference, but it only hurts Lindsay’s outlook) and is trending up.

I actually went out and acquired shares in Freeman wherever I could this past week. He’s one of those buy low candidates.

Not saying I don’t like Chris Thompson, but while I love CMC and think Lynch is a solid starter, I think too many people are jumping on the Buck Allen bandwagon… his three rushing touchdowns is a number you can’t expect to continue, and Murray is a fantastic insurance policy for Cook but he may be back this week, further suppressing Murray’s value when he’s healthy.

I think you stick with what you’ve got. Freeman and Thompson are probably in the same tier ROS.