A. Cooper + S. Michel for D. Westbrook + K. Johnson

My Team Currently:
QB: Josh Allen
WR: Robert Woods
WR: Tyler Boyd
WR: Dede Westbrook
RB: Christian McCaffrey
RB: Kerryon Johnson
TE: Jimmy Graham
FLEX: Josh Jacobs
BN: Jordan Reed
BN: Curtis Samuel
BN: Christian Kirk
BN: Matt Bredia
BN: Adrian Peterson
BN: Albert Wilson

I know I should accept the trade… but there’s that lingering doubt…
Wanted other footclan opinions.

12 person league
1/2 point ppr

Saw people take a look… but no replies…
any opinions to this trade?

I feel like after the trade my team would be better… but only for a limited time.
Wanted to see other opinions just for a sanity check.

I ended up pulling the trigger.

fingers crossed…

I probably would have done it too. Dede has a lot of hype right now. Maybe he’s legit, or maybe he’s unstartable. Bad passing offenses can easily fail to produce any legit fantasy WRs

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