A couple RB for WR trade ideas

Standard Format
Trade Mike Gillislee for Davante Adams
Trade Chris Carson for Emmanuel Sanders

I feel like Adams is not enough there, If I could get Gillislee for him i for sure would
Carson might be the shorter stick there too, still a shared backfield to some extent.

Sanders + Adams for Gillislee and Carson would be a good package thou…hmm

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What would you think of Mike Gillislee for Alshon Jeffery?

Or Doug Martin for Emmanuel Sanders?

I have 6 RBs and 4 WRs. I’m looking to make it 5 RBs and 5 WRs. I don’t want to trade away my top 3 RBs:

RB: Le’Veon Bell, Ty Montgomery, Devonta Freeman, Mike Gillislee, Doug Martin, Chris Carson
WR: Michael Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald, Stefon Diggs, Michael Crabtree

How many teams in your league bro? If you have bell and Montgomery with Dougie coming back i feel like you should use your bench to prospect bye’s for you other positions.

It’s an 8 person league. I started adding players (QB and TE) to cover BYE weeks.

QB: Stafford, Prescott
TE: Walker, Clay

I’m just thinking, you could offer martin to someone with a third receiver that could be an every week starter for you… since he hasnt played he probably has a decent amount of upside. I’m not saying he is going to be bad, but if comes in and is a total bust then you have nothing and you dont “need” him when you have other guys that are easy starts like all weeks.

Carson isnt necessary to keep in 8 team leagues either - hes a good bench guy to cover gaps but if you can get anything for him i would while you can

option 3 is to wait for lev to have a good week and sell high, he has been a bit disappointing and you could get something really good for him. That would allow you to play the matchup game with all the rest of these great rbs - delanie should be sufficient though he is inconsistent - i like the qb options if their matchups are on dif weeks cause dak torched the cards monday and stafford against a bad D is the best you can get

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Hey, thanks I appreciate that! That is a good suggestion about Bell, I never would have considered that.