A different way to do a live Auction draft

I sent this into the the guys after hearing on the podcast that it is difficult to run a live auction draft as a commissioner so I thought i would share how we do our auction draft and how it has worked for us incredibly well over the last decade.

I’ve been running my league for over 20 years and we have perfected an auction style that works with no argument and NO NEED for an auctioneer! We call it a poker style. Many people in my league have taken our way and used it in their other leagues and its spreading here in Minnesota. Here’s how it works.
We all sit at a big table (12 of us) and we each have a flag in front of us. I made them with cheap mini flower pots and sticks from the craft store, all 12 for like $8. We have an order around the table. The first person throws out a player and a bid. It can be even a bid for $0. We made that rule so there was never any mistakes on what a teams max bid was with having to spend $1 on every spot. Works out so much better. Next team either has to “raise” the bid or “fold”. If he folds he is out on that player and puts his flag down. It goes around the table with more and more raises til there is 2 teams left. When the last team is left he gets the player for that bid. No arguments on what team said what bid first. No need for Auctioneer. Then the next team throws out a player and so on. There are so many fun strategies that come into play, from what player to throw out first to whether risk bidding a team up and not get stuck with someone you don’t want. On either to throw out players you want to get them before prices get set or wait and hope people have less money by throwing out expensive players you don’t want. This way has had zero arguments come up and we have perfected this over the last 15 years or so. If you have any questions comment or throw me an email and I would be happy to respond. Give it a try for one of your live auctions this year and have a much more enjoyable draft! Good Luck all!