A farewell note to John Brown

Dear John Brown,

I think for most of this season I have been a believer in you. I have been baffled when people talk about picking you up off waivers. I just couldn’t understand how no one has you on their team!

Sigh…it breaks my heart to say, we have to go our separate ways. A 2.3 game this weekend, even though I understand it wasn’t in the game script to throw, it’s just not enough.

A farewell to you my friend.


Defeated Dad Look

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he now joins the group of more bust less boom wide receivers


Traded high on this joker his last decent game. Sold him and Mack for Juju. Never looked back.


Wished I did.

…nice trade!

Dear John, you will be missed. I bought low on you with a backup QB early in the season and you promptly repaid me with a breakout performance. Our relationship soured over time, but we’ll always have that one glorious week. I will admit there have been several breakups this season. Dropping Le’Veon and Corey Davis left me with feelings of relief and celebration - but saying goodbye to you seems different. Our breakup, well, it’s not me and it’s not all you. Let’s just blame Lamar Jackson and drink longingly for the return of Joe Flacco.

Should Joe enter your life again and I have a bench spot available, I will happily save you from waivers and let you ride on my bench for a playoff run. You deserve better, my friend. May we meet again.

Wait hold up! We can comment with gifs here? how am i just learning about this now!

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You can drop him if you have to. It’s not a bad move but if/when Flacco comes back he goes right back to having some value. As long as Lamar is qb I don’t see it.

Bravo! *I’m not crying! You’re crying!

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When JuJu scores in the future, I hope you remember who came before him. For it was the rare boom weeks of John Brown that gave you your Juju

These John Brown farewells are destroying my heart.

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