A few questions

This week is important, I’m going against our league leader and I’m in 2nd. Both of us are 6-1. This league is a 12 team PPR. He’s projected to outscore me by like 18pts

Currently starting
Phillip Rivers
Antonio Brown
Stefon Diggs
Mark Ingram
Lamar Miller
Zach Ertz
Duke johnson

On bench
Keenan Allen
Pierre Garçon
Gurrley(bye week)
Matt forte
Danny Woodhead
Josh McCown

  1. should I start Allen or Garçon over Diggs (who should be healthy this week)?

  2. should I start McCown over Rivers?

  3. am I an idiot for keeping woodhead on my bench without and IR spot?

  4. should i play a WR over duke johnson or should I go with forte?

I would play Allen over Duke Johnson and leave everything else how you have it

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I think you should switch Allen for Duke and call it a day.


I think I’d go with Allen over Diggs. I know Diggs’ matchup is good but so is Allen’s and it’s tough to know whether Diggs injury will still be lingering. Plus you’d be stacking the points with Rivers.

Jones had a big game against the Patriots last week and I don’t care what anyone says their defense is still bad. I think the chargers hang with them. I think Duke and Forte have similar value this week, but I may lean towards Forte.

no I hear Woodhead will be coming back. I don’t think anyone would pick him up if you were to drop him for a week or two though.

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I agree maybe just forget Forte and Duke altogether and roll with Allen and Diggs both.

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You know what you will get with Forte and Duke… 8 points… maybe. Diggs could in fact have health issues lingering, but you would be mad at yourself if he has another break out game on your bench.

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Appreciate it, I’ll throw Allen in my flex and sit duke.