A few rb trade thoughts

Half ppr
Need to make a 2 for 1 rb trade due to roster limits (4rbs) Havent sent the trades out yet wanted a couple thoughts before to see if their reasonable or if ill be laughed out of a trade talk

my team
CEH, Robinson, Singletary, Mckinnon, Harris
Adams, Ridley, D. Johnson, J. Jefferson
Ertz Hurst

Get Henry (owner 2-2 only has Monty and Swift outside of Henry)
Give Robinson and singletary

Get Taylor (Owner 1-3 will lose Mike Davis only has Ingram and Hines)
Give Singletary and Mckinnon

Get Jacobs (owner 3-1 but lost chubb and only has Rojo and Jacobs now)
Give Singletary and Mckinnon

Get Drake (0-4 desperate owner would probably accept immediately)
Give Singletary and Harris

Get A. Jones (3-1 Only has Mostert and M.Brown)
Give Robinson and singletary

Ideally the Taylor or Henry would be what i want most but any feedback on any of these would be great. Or if theres other thoughts at all please feel free
With byes coming up i tried to target people who dont have the 3rd or 4th rb on their team

I see two options I like.

Option 1 - Get Aaron Jones

Option 2- Get Taylor, but then I would do more.,

Trade Singletary and McKinnon for Taylor, but have the Taylor owner throw in a decent WR who could be a good flex play. Then, trade one of your lower-end WR’s and Harris for Drake.

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I feel really bad for that 1-3 owner with MD, Ingram and Hines lol. You could probably swing that trade pretty easily.

@Branhammer I feel like Jones is the toughest ask out of what i could reasonably give up but if you think itd be even a consideration ill probably send the offer.

I already texted the Taylor owner i assume he’ll have some interest but no word yet.

The Henry one i think has a fair chance with Monty and Swift.( Its a Detroit league and theres alot of frustration with our team and lack of use of swift but holds name value because its our team)

I think the Taylor option is definitely more realistic. And I definitely want to reiterate that you should try to buy low on Drake as well. CEH, Robinson, Taylor, and Drake, just in case he finally gets it together, would be a nice RB group to have. I actually have that same group, except replace Taylor with David Johnson. Drake, of course, is on my bench until he shows me SOMETHING impressive. Kingsburry said he is going to go back and re-evaluate the way they are (and in this case AREN’T) utilizing Drake in both the running and passing game. So I personally won’t trade him for a bag of stale funions. But I’m 4-0…

I cant get the extra WR like you suggested though we have this dumb short bench 4rb/4wr limit and i have a pretty stacked set of 4 i think so i couldnt take one on to move him later

The drake owner is starting garbage all around his team im pretty sure any offer i make would get accepted hes 0-4 last place hes starting dobbins because he lost eckler and has no other backs on his team

Then I might go Harris for Drake straight-up. Harris had 17 carries for 100 yards, but my opinion of him is “meh,” especially when Cam comes back. I’d be surprised if you get a MUCH better opportunity to sell high on him.

I may try that harris for drake if the taylor trade goes through but like i said i need to move 2 for 1 to get under the limit