A FFBaller Noob who is confused

So they talked all week about how I shouldnt be trusting Dak, theyd play winston over dak… but in the rankings they all have Dak over Winston and McCown? I have all three QB’s am I using these rankings wrong or should I indeed be starting Dak over Jameis and Josh?

Thanks footclan! :grinning:

Also I have Michael Thomas and Crabtree currently in with Josh Gordon on my bench. Am I correct in assuming that if Thomas bombs and I need upside I should swap Crabtree with Gordon? :open_mouth:

Its tough to say. they usually use stats and such to come out with the rankings. on the show they talk a little more with gut instinct.

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Interesting. I assumed as much its just so easy to be persuaded in person but look at numbers and go the other way.

i would probably go with McGown if it were me. but that might be because i have had Evans getting busted more weeks than not.

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Ughhhh ok that was probably where I was gonna go although it doesn’t help that I’m a Buccaneers fan :sweat_smile: thanks Rick!

Ok. now i will steal your thread for my own purposes. can i trust Evans this week? playing Stills, Tate, and Goodwin over him right now due to matchups

i have a thread with 6 options to start3

I mean I chalked up his inefficiency to Winston finding Brate often, and also being out of sync upon Jameis’ return. I know the lions arent a great matchup right but I feel like things will return to pre winston injury normality this week? Just a hope as a fan, but I bet he will be at least a WR2

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