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A Gronking to Regret?


Hey footclan in all the years that Gronk has been in the NFL I have never owned him, but now I got him on two of my teams as I couldn’t pass him up in the second round and with another draft on the horizon I wanted to see:

  1. What are your thoughts on Gronk in general
  2. When would you feel comfortable drafting, as Trey wingo calls him, the unfrozen caveman lawyer in:
    a. PPR
    b. .5 PPR
    c. Sans-PPR


My problem has always been I don’t trust he will stay healthy. Which means I have to scramble to get TE later in the season. However I would take Gronk in the Third round of any draft IF, big IF he fell that far. I have never seen it happen.


Gronk was a big reason why I won my league two seasons ago. The guy is such a difference maker on the field when he plays! If he’s available for my 3rd pick I will take him every time in any type of scoring league. I’m really not interested though if I have to spend a second round pick on the guy.


Thanks @MadJesse and @jimmie_maverick for the info, experience and recommendations, I’ll definitely take it into consideration going into my next draft!

Fast forward to the second round of my next draft:


Hey @MadJesse and @jimmie_maverick the strategy worked! Gronk in the third In a full PPR!

Had third pick and I went AB, zeke (hoping for no suspension this year) and Gronk was there after the turn in RD 3!


Nice snag!