A hefty price was paid

I’m in a long running competitive 8 man league
I’m coming off of back to back #footclantitles
However last season I paid the price of my 1st and 3rd and a great young player for said title.
It’s a PPR And franchise player league basically it’s a 1 player keeper with no penalty so I only have 1 pick in the first 3 rounds but I do start the year with CMC.
Drafting out of the 8 spot naturally
Anyone have advice on how I should attack said draft?
For example should I really go for a 2nd positional advantage at the 2.01 with someone like Lamar Jackson or Kelce as my 1st pick

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I think it would be safe to go with Kelce as CMC is really two players bundled into one. Then you’ll essentially have a positional advantage in all 3 core positions. I wouldn’t go for Lamar that early even though he was a monster last year. I would hold out on QB and pickup someone like Stafford or Tannehill in a later round. If they don’t pan out you can always drop them and dive into the free agency. With only an 8 man roster I have to imagine that there are still an ample amount of quarterbacks available.