A horrible trade I want to make

I’m over Lamar Jackson, fully over it. I’m tired of having to sit there and start him week after week when nothing is changing. He could have the best playoff games in the world, but he’ll still probably pass for 75 yards and rush for under 100 and maybe not even get in the end zone.

That said, I love what I see in Tua, I think he’s gonna turn up the heat. I’m a Bama guy and therefore a big time believer.

I shouldn’t make this trade, but I’m at my wits end. Please talk me down haha


At least get tua and something else. But I’m firmly of the belief that taking the big decisions is what makes this fun. Having a bunch of people wide jawed as you do the unthinkable is a lot of fun even if it’s just a couple minutes then you hitting the earth with a hard bump and seeing you just killed 9+ weeks of work. Good times though ha


I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird. No harm I believe in trading away Lamar for Tua. But get something else with it. Use his playoff schedule as incentive.


Hahaha exactly my thought, thank you for your input. It’s a lot to throw away for sure. I just wanted other people to visit the insane brain space I’m in and I thank you for doing that haha

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Thanks man! I’ll see what I can do!

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Its an interesting move. I agree with with what’s been said already. Whatever position your weakest at go after like either a low-end RB1/WR plus Tua should be a good move.

I’m guessing this is dynasty. I do not hate it. I know the Lamar hype is there, and pretty much fact that he can help and changes the game for FF. This season has not been kind to him though. But that was to be expected. Last year was bananas. I think this year is swung the other way. He’s likely in the middle of these for the future.

Tua could be not too far off of that. I like Tua and am excited for him. IMHO, if you are into Tua and out on Lamar, make the move. Try to get something else on top of it, but make the move and enjoy your roster.