A humble brag and a thank you!

Footclan, in one of my 3 leagues this season, i starter 1-2 and won 11 straight games. Also, i scored almost 2000 points, in standard scoring. The second best team has almost 400 less than me. Just wanted to show off my monster team and my record, and also say thanks to the footclan, because i spent hours on this forums trying to get advices on trades and who to start, and thats how i got this 11Ws!
Standard scoring, 10-team league:

PS: Figured i’d do this post before the playoffs, because there’s no way to know if my opponent’s derrick henry wont scored 50 points and just end my season this week lol


Look at your line up! Holy crap! Y


its scary, right? haha this is the most proud i’ve been of a fantasy team i put together. I totally finessed the waiver wire picks in this league(mostly thanks to the ffballers and sleeper app)… I think the only players i drafted there are gurley, cmc and ertz. Got some great trades for WRs, because i was stacked with good rbs from the draft. Bought MT on the low after he had like 3 bad weeks in a row to start the season

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You must blow out your competition by at least 60 points every week.

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Congrats man, looks like you nailed the draft and had some key waiver wire/FA pick up victories as well! I respect the grind and preparation it takes to draft, play waivers and trade your way to a juggernaut team well done!

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some weeks i do… My most points scored in a week is 171.58, week 6. Won by almost 100 points haha. I believe im averaging almost 140 per week lol
But there were 3 or 4 games where i scored less than 100. 2 of these i lost, and this last week(thanks gurley) i won 90.00 x 88.60. Probably the worst game of the season for me. Hope this doenst happen again this week, it would be really sad to lose first round with this team

thanks man! I got lucky with some picks that worked out early in the season and allowed me to trade them, but i believe my waiver work was the real difference… Conner, mahomes, chubb and other guys that gave me trade leverage were what got me this team. Hope nothing weird happens and i get this title

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Waivers and trades are the key, sure getting a bit of luck on draft day helps but so many of my league mates still draft and hold too long and wonder why they never win and i’m always in the top 3! Going for my back to back this year as well and had to trade and waiver my way out of a nightmare draft after week 1 when i had Baldwin, Josh Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Reed, i was in a hole and won 11 straight for joint first but man it was hard work!

Good luck with your title bid man and i hope (from other posts) we don’t get screwed but Cam one way or another be it from the bench or in a lineup!


Nice work man! Your streak is more impressive than mine with this unlucky draft! Haha
Good luck to you too man! I got lucky getting mahomes and avoiding cam in this league lol but i drafted him in my other 2, he got me out of the playoffs in one, and i barely won in the other. I will be staying away from him this week haha

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@saraivasgustavo LOL…and I thought I had a KILLER team!!!

QB: Wilson (draft)
RB: Gurley (draft)
RB: A Jones
WR: Dav Adams (draft)
WR: Mike Evans (draft)
TE: Brate
FLEX: Chubb
K: Fairbairn

BENCH: Truby, Lockett, J Reynolds, Sutton, Edwards, J Kelly, Den

Really worried about A Jones this week…but…LOL…nobody else feels strong enough to play!!!

ANYWAY… @saraivasgustavo…BEST OF LUCK BUDDY!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!! :+1:

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And to follow-up…I made it through the first round of Play Offs. NOW up against a tough week:

#2 Seed:

QB: Goff
RB: Zeke
RB: Mixon
WR: Keenan
WR: Tyreek
TE: Cook
FLEX: A Cooper
K: Tucker

DJ Moore
C Samuel
C Carson

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Great team you got man!
Good luck this week!
Ps: things are looking good to you so far with keenan and tyreek banged up

Fellas, now that you saw my team, if conner plays sunday, would you start him over chubb? Broncos D/ST is better this last few weeks, but i dont know if this is enough to bench chubb… probably not, right?

Man i KNEW something shady was about to happen to my team! Thats why i posted this before the games.
Mahomes scoring less than 20 points can totally screw me up this week.
Lets hope it doesnt

TY BUDDY!!! Yeah…Tyreek being apparently rested/went easy on…and Allen getting injured!!! My opponent needed 37 PPR pts from them in tonight’s game. Got 8…from Tyreek.

Sooooo……looking good at this point. BUT…figuring they went easy on Tyreek. ALSO…figuring it’s more than likely gonna be the same with my studs!!!

Soooo…LOL…though I’m sitting pretty at this point…hard to say what it’s gonna look like come Monday night!!!

Oh well. I made it this far!!! More than most of my league can say!!! LOL (PS…I’ll tell y’all a little secret here when the season’s over).

Anyway @saraivasgustavo…at least in my league…PPR…Mahomes got 21!!!

Hope that helped my friend!!!

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Whats up fellas, just giving an update haha
Im winning 76 x 69
I have mccaffrey + MT
He has Brees

Things are looking good here

Well my friends… Your 2018 league champion has arrived!
Dominated the league! 11 wins in a row(13 if we count the playoff games), record of points scored in regular season! Got my trophy!
Thanks everyone for all the help this season! Looking foward to next year!


WOOOO-HOOOOOO!!! HUGE CONGRATS my friend!!! Great job!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Unfortunately, I didn’t fair as well. Lost the BIG GAME by 20 pts. :confounded:

BUT…hey…you know what…that’s ok. I made it to our SUPER BOWL!!! AND THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!!

(sure…taking the TITLE and the LEAGUE would’ve been better…LOL…but I put up a good fight and finishing the season 2nd out of all 10 of us is nothing to cry about or be too disappointed with!!!) :wink:

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I won both the league and championship with only 4 players that I initially drafted (Mixon, AB, Hopkins, Ertz, funnily my top 4 round picks).

The rest were all trades and waiver wire pick-ups; I was by far the most active and it paid off.

Championships really aren’t won at the draft!!!

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Sounds exactly like my team. I won the championship with only 4 players that I drafted and only 1 of them (Mixon) in my lineup. Everyone else I got via trade or ww pickup.

I don’t seem to draft well, but I make up for it during the season with all the moves available.