A.J. Green Trade

Trading away: A.J. Green
Receiving: Lamar Miller & Tyreek Hill

My roster is:
QB: R. WIlson/Tyrod
RB: L. Bell, Elliott, Mixon, Kamara, McFadden
WR: Green, Baldwin, Hilton, Corey Davis
TE: Hooper/Olsen

Worth it or should I ride out the RB’s I have til Zeke comes back - thank you

I wouldn’t do it, you can get a lot more value out of Green.

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Thank you for your response

I actually don’t think it’s a bad deal. That said, I don’t think I’d do it but with Zeke’s suspension looming that makes sense for you.

I don’t hate it, I’m big on Tyreek Hill and he has a great schedule in a good offense but you would have to worry about his bye week next week and I don’t see much of a replacement in your roster.

Would it make a difference if the RB was Ingram instead of Miller?

If it was ingram i would do that trade.immediately. ingram is a legit top 10 back if not higher. Plus green schedule isn’t the greatest

I really like the RB core you have. I mean it is a good trade, but with the WR’s you have, I’d rather keep Green over Hill. Kind of shallow here.

I agree with this. Green and Baldwin is much more formidable than Baldwin and Hill. Plus Kamara is a legit top 20 guy, and maybe Mixon can put together a decent game or two until zeke is back.

I think you could make the same kind of argument for the trade.

Bell and Ingram is much more formidable than Bell and Kamara, plus Hill is a legit top 20 guy

It all comes down to which difference is bigger, Green to Hill or Ingram to Kamara. It’s tough though cause Hill’s schedule is much easier but you do have to remember Hill’s bye week is still coming so you get 1 less week out of him

Thanks everyone for the input. I’ve been arguing with myself from the standpoint of I don’t really want to trade Green for a highend back cause once Elliott comes back, I’ll be forced to move that player to the bench and I basically lost Green for nothing. I’m 6-2 and 4 games ahead in 1st in the division.