A.J. Green Value

Trying to get a feel of what others thing about his value this year and moving forward! He is a potential trade piece as I have:

Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, A.J. Green, Robert Woods, Courtland Sutton, Robby Anderson
Along with some other smaller valued WR’s

Would like to know if I am valuing him properly in the following trades:

TRADE A.J. Green and John Brown - RECEIVE Carson Wentz, Ronald Jones II, and Rookie Pick 3.01

Also: Green>1.01 Rookie Pick or <

Aj Green went for Melvin Gordon at the end of last year in my league. I would see if someone still values him as a stud Wr. My vote would be a first round after the automatic studs are drafted so this year about a 1.3-1.4

AJ Green is someone I’d love to trade for at that price. Just for this season I’d rather have Green than any first round rookie pick. Next year onwards probably the pick. If looking to trade I’d be talking to the teams that are contenders and wanting an all in push.

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