A Jones and M Jones for Theilen and M Sanders

Should I trade away Aaron Jones and Marvin Jones for Theilen and M Sanders? Trade away different players?

Current team:

Michael Thomas
Nick Chubb
Kerryon Johnson
Aaron Jones
Alshon Jeffery
OJ Howard
M Jones
L Murray
Lamar Jackson

who initiated this trade? Is there any other WR you can target?

I might initiate… could probably target Woods instead.

I would go for woods instead but personally I would want Aaron jones on my team over Kerryon.

If I were other team I wouldn’t want two Lions inbound… thoughts on Dede or Kirk away instead of m Jones?

Right, forgot you were trading M.Jone also. I would trade Dede before kirk but again its all personal opinion. It’s a tough gamble and with woods there is a lot of mouths to feed on the rams.

that’s why I like Theilen. Forgot to mention it’s a 14 team PPR league

PPR…I would fire your trade off…see what he comes back with.

He took the trade with two lions… I like my team a lot now. Early season strength with plenty of late season breakout potential. His team is better too. Sanders was his RB1