A Jones, Conner, Zeke, Kamara. Pick 3!

0.25 ppr. Need a flex guy.

Also need 2 of the following for my WR starts: Kennan, Diggs, and Cooks.

I would personally go with Aaron Jones. The volume is there and Arizona ranks 3rd WORST in rushing defense opposed to LAC which is a top 15, (13th) rush defense. Also, Arizona shouldn’t be putting tons of points up (in theory) so GB might opt to run the ball more since it wont be a catch up or shootout situation. ALL IMO though :grin:

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You can’t play both? I would play both. Steelers at home is a good play regardless of matchup. Lots of scoring opps.

I have Zeke and super kamario starting at RB.

I know, such a problem to have…

It’s a 12 keeper league in case you’re wondering how I have those two

Might sound crazy, but I would bench Zeke for Jones or Conner this week. Saints have the #1 rushing D and I’m not sold on Dallas offense yet. Could just be a blow out.

Both should have great weeks. Conner at home vs Denver and Jones at home vs Cardinals. Plenty of rushing friendly gamescript to be had

I’d lean Conner to bounce back then I’d go Keenan and Cooks

Man it’s tough to sit Zeke though in a must win game for me.

Yeah i get it man. It’s your team so gotta go with your gut.

I was just saying what I would do. Saints held gurley to <70 yards and they have a much better offense than Dallas does. Either way, don’t think Zeke would lay up a dud or anything. I just think he’ll be fighting an uphill battle. They are going to sell out to stop the run cause they know Dak can’t pass worth a dam.

Conner, Zeke, Kamara…easy

If it was easy, there’d be no discussion. All 4 of these guys are ranked back to back to back to back in the rankings this week.

Here’s the matchup preview. I have Keenan, Conner, and engram on the bench right now.

I think Diggs is going to pull Stephon Gilmore as a matchup. Thielan is going to get a beatable matchup in the slot with a safety over him. As long as Gilmore doesnt play like his one stinker of a game against Corey Davis, then he will be in for a disappointing day.

I am also on the bench Zeke this week train for you. Most dont have that luxury, but you do. I would play Conner.

Any concern though with Conners lack of usage the last few weeks?

Did you see Jason’s tweet from yesterday regarding defense rankings the last 6 weeks?

Pittsburgh’s last 2 opponents (Jax and Den) are the number 1 and number 2 defenses against the running back position. The Chargers are 18th.

No I did not see his tweet. That is interesting though. Any idea where you can find that sort of info?


Has Tyron Smith and Zach martin been out for the last few games or have they played? If they’re both out for this game, believe Martin is, then yeah I’m sitting zeke

I said it above and i’ll say it again, this is one of the rare instances I would consider benching Zeke. It’s not like you’re benching him for scrubs either. NO just has the best Run D and i honestly don’t think that Dallas can hang with them. ANd if you look at this year, Zeke has put up some duds in his own right.

And with Conner, not sure if its coincidence or on purpose but he typically rebounds with huge games after putting up duds in prior weeks.