A litte waiver advice

I always felt like my team was pretty good and just kept getting unlucky with injuries, but I’m currently sitting a 2-4 and really need to start shaking things up I think.

.5 PPR, 12 team league my team looks like this
QB: Cam Newton, Andrew Luck
RB: Kamara, Mixon, Powell, Foreman
WR: OBJ, Corey Davis, Amari Cooper, Enunwa
TE: Njoku, Engram

I currently have a waiver move in to drop Foreman and pickup Marlon Mack. There’s a couple WR on the waivers I’m eyeing up as well (Christian Kirk, Kearse, Chris Godwin, M. Goodwin, Keke, Chester Rogers) Are any of those guys must adds to my roster?

Godwin has big play ability and Keke will be decent as long as fuller is injured/struggles.

Kirk is playing very well in Arizona. I like him a lot right now and he seems to be Rosen’s preferred target

With the Freeman news, who looks like better pickup, Ito or Mack?

I think mack since he has a good first week but that could just be them working him into the lineup sort of like ingram last week