A lot of moving parts

Over the course of a couple trades, I’m in a position to turn Christian Kirk, James White, and the 2.11 into Aaron Jones and Kenny Golladay. It’s not a done deal, but their is no way James White repeats last year and makes me look like a pud right. Kirk and the pick are gone. The other asset is AB. I’m think bail on him now. I’m not undervaluing him and White am I? Or overvaluing Jones and KG?

don’t see Kirk in a Position to deliver Points on a constantly weekly base…and it doesn’t make much of a difference if it is rosen or murray under center!

NE backfield will be as hard to read as every year…they will all have their share but each week it could be totally different!

jones should be in line for a even better Season as last year without McCarthy! and golladay seems to be the guy to have in the passing game of det!

i would pull the trigger on that!

don’t understand the part with AB…whats uo with that?

Basically I acquired AB for Kirk and a pick, which I think was a steal. Then I had the deal for KG and Jones for AB and James White. The other dude got cold feet though, this was before AB got traded to the Raiders. Honestly I’m happy with it overall anyway, though I think I would have preferred KG and Jones, the long term gain would have been worth either AB or JW going off this season.

Take that and run. I would give up all 3 of those for either one of Jones or Golladay. 2.11 is barely worth a slide of bread, although I like Kirk, he doesn’t have nearly the same upside as either one of those players, and white is just a flex play. Getting both is nonsense.