A move for Diggs?

So, trying to pull off another trade that is unlikely BUT want to try for Diggs! Standard scoring - I am currently 3-4.

Context on Diggs owner:

  • They are 3-4
  • DIggs has put up a couple bad weeks
  • Owner is hit with some bad byes this week (Diggs and Moore are their only active WRs).
  • Owner is a huge Patriots fan
  • They have Matt Ryan on bye, so no active QB on the roster yet

Thoughts on offering:

  • Edelman and Jones Jr. for Diggs? (the most lowball offer, but the nicest for me - though bad byes in week 10)
  • Edelman and Lindsay for Diggs (though they have Barkley and Miller @ RB)?
  • Edelman and Goff for Diggs (I also have Newton)?

All cases would deplete my depth, but give me more high-end players as I have…
WR: Hopkins, Edelman, Robinson, Jones Jr., Tre’Quan Smith
RB: Kamara, Mixon, Lindsay, Breida, bid currently in for Crowell

Update - sent the Edelman and Jones Jr. offer…not expecting much, but could get the ball rolling…