A or B...who do you prefer?

A gets Zeke, d Foreman, t Kelce, Dj Moore and 2020 1st round…Team B gets AKarmara, D Johnson and Ebron…which side A or B? Keeping DJ MOORE change your decision…ahhh

Zeke = Kamara
Kelce + DJ Moore = D Johnson
Foreman 2020 1st >>> Ebron

Unless the team getting D Johnson is really in need of a RB, I’d rather have the Zeke/Foreman/Kelce/Moore/1st side


Option A is the better choice.

I’d want side A

Agree with everyone else, give me the A side.

Certainly side A

A all day.

100% A Zeke and Kelce are start every week and DJ Moore has a huge upside this season.