A or B wide receivers

I am looking to propose a multi player trade in dynasty which would involve swapping receivers as part of the deal.

Would you rather have St. Brown from Green Bay or Westbrook from Jacksonville.

I would rather have Westbrook. But I’m pretty sure that’s a minority opinion. Most are likely to say ESB becuase Green Bay.

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Westbrook by a country mile. ESB has to actually prove he’s worth something.

Yeah we did our start up shortly after the superbowl, and i grabbed him figuring it would be good to have one of rogers targets long term.

He’s the Kerryon owner and i was gunna try to lump in Stafford with ESB to acquire westbrook, ito and swtich 2nds (with me upgrading).

Am I out to lunch asking to much or to little? He has Watson as his only QB. Granted he is an every week starter, but injuries happen, and obviously bye week.

I assume this is not Superflex or 2QB. How many teams?

Seems like a lot to give up in order to get some flyers and an upgraded 2nd rounder.

Can you offer ESB for Westbrook straight up?

Its just 1 QB starter. 12 team 0.5ppr. It was more a way to get stafford off my books and get a bit of rb depth for myself. James white would be the next step above ito, but i dont really want anything to do with the pats backfield

I agree with the above Westbrook for me as of right now ESB has done nothing and Foles likes the deep ball which could help Dede this year. Value wise i agree with @fun4willis if you can trade ESB on the ‘Green Bay/Rodgers’ permanent hype straight up do it, if not it is a lot for swapping lottery tickets really

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fair enough. appreciate the input