A petition to owners looking for leagues

Please please dont be a flake, just act like an adult.

If you agree to play in a league and the commissioner attempts to contact you multiple times about entry fee payment then respond to them. If you changed your mind, no problem just say so. Dont just ignore the commissioner.

If you show interest in a league and say you need a couple of days to make a decision then give the commissioner a decision.

You wont hurt our feelings if you want to back out, but dont leave us hanging trying to find an owner at the last minute or hold a team for you if you dont really want to play in the league.

If youre afraid to hurt our feelings, then make up some sappy lie that you lost your job and cant afford to play, or a good story lie that you got a new job and you just wont have the time, etc.

But what ever you do, just make sure to tell us you arent going to play.