A quick vent over missed kick

I lost this week, a win would have put me in sole ownership of 2nd place at 5-2

Kamara in the monday night game did enough to get me the lead which was a big ask. Then the missed field goal by Seattle let their Saints Defense finish with 10 points allowed instead of 13 and that switched from 8 points to 10 points against me and I end up losing by .2… Ugh Fantasy woes

now tied 4th place with most points against in the league. Still feel good about my team but man rough break

I feel that pain. There have been many of my games decided by Ks, which is why I can’t stand Ks.

I have been trying to get rid of them for years in my home league, but alas I always fail, even though other players have complained about Ks too. :man_facepalming:

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Wasnt even the kicker that did it really though. It was the Saints Defense that my opponent had but those 3 points would have swung the matchup.

Yeah this isnt the first or last time it’ll happen. When its .2 like always hoping some sack gets ruled back or some stat correction but yeah hopefully the next close one im on the other side of.

We got rid of kickers this year in my main league, and it has been really nice. I was never a fan of having them even though they are part of the offense. Figured any position where 99% of people just grab someone means that position is just a filler. Would rather have another flex position.