A RB, WR and a QB walk into a bar

And one can be kept!
Please help!

1 keeper, 0.5PPR 10 team

Options are
Keenan Allen 5th
Deandre Swift 7th
Josh Allen 11th

Feel like they all have pros and cons. Not sure what direction to go. Swift seems like the obvious choice but Lions won’t be great and jamaal will catch.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I would take Josh in the 11th, not a big swift fan and Keenan in the 5th isn’t that great of a value. I can see Josh Allen being drafted before the other two in some leagues

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Allen in the 11th is a ultra-mega steal. Literally getting a top 3 QB in the 11th.

I’m just doing some mocks around the 3 options and it’s starting to seem like a no brainer.
There might be some alright QB options around round 11 but none as good as that.

I think in my league there’s a very good chance he goes before both of them. Which is great cos Keenan is my guy (seems to fall to me every year) so I’d like another run with him.

I know the lions aren’t going to be great but it just always seems like the best thing to do is keep RB. Swift would probably just sit on my bench tho

I lean Swift here too. I think a case can be made for Josh Allen though. I’m in a 10 team league and everyone’s teams are so deep, you’re just looking for difference makers.