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A-Rob for Abdulla


I own Abdualla and he’s essentially my RB5/6 (Gordon, Howard, Hunt, Martin(Quizz), Ty Mont, then Abdulla)… I was offered A-Rob for him but idk if I should take it… A-Rob wasn’t even a consideration for me this year but I was higher on Abdulla than most… I was still able to hold off taking him until the 6th round though… So at face value I think I’m getting a deal on ARob… but at the same time I just don’t feel good about him. On one hand the guy offering the trade desperately needs RBs and my WR corps could probably get me by (DT, Pryor, Marshall, Snead)… I’m debating just letting his team suffer a bit then trying to get some real stud WRs after a few weeks when the guys who are light on RB realize they can’t be successful without decent backs (half-ppr). Any thoughts? Should I take ARob at the value or just wait it out?