A. Robinson & Tonyan for Cupp & Fant?

Would you guys deal Robinson and Tonyan for Cupp and Fant and alittle bit of FAAB?

I think the Packers will bounce back but really worried about volume for Tonyan and the Bear’s offense for Robinson

Kupp is my favorite player in the bunch and the TEs are essentially even, so I’d pull the trigger

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So Robinson for Kupp. I took Robinson in drafts over Kupp this year. Their numbers are pretty consistent and they are both rock solid. Kupp had 94 receptions on 134 targets for 1162 yds and 10 TD in 2019. He was 92 for 124 with 974yds and 3 TDs last season. Robinson was 98 for 153 and 1147 yds with 6 TD in 2019 and 102 for 151 and 1250 yds with 7 TDs last year. I get both have new QBs with Stafford offering more upside but Robinson is the clear WR1 in his role.

What about the Fant vs Tonyan side though? I feel like Fant is headed to be much better

Tonyan will definitely have some negative TD regression this season. He had 11 TDs last year and was 52 for 59 with 586 yds. He only played 9 games in 2019. Fant only had 3 TDs in both 2019 and 2020. He did see more targets last season 62 for 93 and 673 yds. The position itself is so unpredictable. I agree Fant has a more favorable trajectory but you can probably expect good and bad weeks for both.