A Smith/Gillislee/Cooper for Brees/K Allen/J Charles

12 team standard (start 2RB, 3 WR,1Qb, 1TE, 1Flex, K, DST)

Current RB: CJA, Gillislee, Lynch, Aaron Jones, Perine, Smallwood (IR)

Current WR: Evans, Cooper, Thielen, John Brown, R Lewis

I believe Aaron Jones is going to be startable moving forward… and Gillislee has way too much company in the backfield. I would also get a HANDCUFF for CJA… thoughts?

Also could try a couple alternatives before getting to Cooper… maybe dangle Thielen instead?

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Brees is much better than smith
Allen is much better than cooper even though I think cooper will turn it around
Jamal and Gillespie both aren’t too great but since you have cj Anderson, I would like Jamal as the backup just Incase cj goes down. Do the trade

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I would give theilan instead of cooper

I’d view this trade as basically Smith/Gillislee/Cooper for Brees/Allen. (J. Charles is a pointless throw in).

Smith is on fire right now. As goofy as it sounds Brees is a downgrade in the short term but I don’t see Smith staying at that pace all season… You’re then looking at Gillislee/Cooper for K. Allen. Which I think I’d take given your roster. I don’t think it’s a bad trade for you but it’s tough giving up Smith when he’s the #1 QB right now. It does make you weaker at RB but the combo of Allen/Evans is a tough one to pass up. I think it’s close but if in your shoes I’d make the trade and get Brees/Allen.

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@PapaJosh Its definitely close, but at the end of the day I’m not trying to rob the guy… it’s what’s best for both teams. He needs an RB (was rolling Jacquizz but doesn’t have Martin). I think parting with Brees will be hard for him, so if necessary I could try simplifying to something like Keenan/Charles for Gillislee/Brown or something like that?

I’m not a huge fan of Gillslee, and Cooper has been atrocious. I say turning those two into Keenan Allen alone makes this worth it.

Also loving the way Alex Smith is playing, but he should still come back down to earth eventually. So coming out of this with Brees is a net positive.

Pull the trigger! :face_with_monocle::cowboy_hat_face:

Good Luck!:football:

I like it. It’s basically Smith/Cooper for Brees/Allen and ROS I take Brees/Allen all day. Having Charles there for when CJ goes down is a nice bonus actually. so yeah I would do this deal in a hot minute. But then I don’t like Gilli ROS and others do…

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