A tale of questionable flexes

So im one of those people that lost david Johnson and picked Pryor and Lynch over my first four rounds. My team:
QB - Palmer
RB - Kamara
RB - Lynch
WR - Funchess
WR - Tate
FLEX - Pryor, Perine, A Jones, Bryant

Two flexs to fill, in leaning towards Pryor and Jones now but I can’t decide between Jones and Perine.

Thoughts on the best flex combo?

Half ppr, always forget to post that

You’re first instinct is correct, Pryor/Jones.

Oof. Tough break on your early drafting. I think A Jones for sure this week, and I might actually go M. Bryant. Your roster needs some serious big plays to be able to compete, and that’s what Bryant is. He’s a hit or miss type of guy, but when he hits he hits big

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