A Tale of Trade-Screwing a Leaguemate

To set the background, I had just traded for Mike Evans in a 10 keeper league. I also had OJ Howard…

Not wanting to have both Evans and Howard, I approach the Engram owner (who also has Burton, and as a true Chicago fan, valued Burton more than Engram somehow). My initial offer is Howard and my 2020 3rd for Engram. He wasn’t at all interested in Howard, he was, however, interested in my Guice. As negotiations continue, we work towards Howard and Guice for Engram and his 2020 3rd. I was a tad skeptical being a Guice believer since preseason 2019, and him seeing that, he decided to throw Robert Woods into the mix. We settled on him giving up Woods, Engram and a 2020 4th for my Guice, Howard and a 2020 2nd. Oh, and he threw in 5 FAAB “just to get it done.”

Feeling rather good about that trade result now.