A tale of two trades

A quick overview – 10 team league, currently sitting in a tie for first place. Certainly not guaranteed a playoff seed yet, so need to keep winning. Standard scoring.

Give: Hopkins, Martin, Mixon
Get: McKinnon, Evans, Landry


Give: Hopkins, Martin
Get: Thomas, Thompson

I’m temping to lean towards Thomas/Thompson, but tell me why I’m wrong?

Demarius? Michael?

Ah, should have clarified. Michael Thomas.

In the 1st Scenario, you end up with:

RB McKinnon
WR Evans
WR Landry

In the 2nd scenario, you’d end up with:

RB Mixon
RB Chris Thompson
WR Michaelthomas

Both are pretty good. I’d prefer the 1st by a bit… but that also depends if you deeper at WR or RB.

Yeah, exactly. The player in the first scenario got cold feet and backed out, so went with the second scenario purely to offload Hopkins. I’m deeper at RB, but that’s purely because I have Zeke and have been benching McFadden and Morris while that situation plays out. Also have Hunt at RB1, and Green at WR1.

Depending on how this week goes, I may try to package Mixon and Morris for a more reliable RB2 – then ride Thompson in the flex.