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A team with McCoy and Watkins


Okay so im in a predicament. I have the 7th pick in a 12 man standard draft. first round im usually taking Lesean mccoy and then following up second round with a RB like ajayi if he slips or a WR like Amari cooper, TY, or Michael thomas. (BTW which do you prefer?) and then 3rd round i see my self taking sammy watkins but Im just not sure if having two players with my first three picks on the same team is a good idea… What do you guys think?


i prefer mike thomas with your 2nd, and i would not take watkins with your 3rd if you get mccoy


who would you suggest looking at 3rd round? im not a fan of any WRs in that range


impossible to tell who is going to be there, but if you have the UDK then that makes your decision easy


I def prefer Thomas as well. Also I would rather take Pryor than Watkins anyway. I would take Hopkins in the 3rd possibly as well. You could always take Gronk if he falls to the 3rd as well which is happening some.


I have the UDK, I meant i do not like any RBs in the third round. theres so many WRs there. after crowell and mixon, it falls to montgomery


i love crowell but thats just me. that o-line is so good.